Explore XFM E3


The E3 is the perfect solution for those looking for big performance, but suffer with a lack of space on the boat. The E3’s built-in driver means no bulky cabinets, just plug-and-play with our two-way junction box.

Boasting up to 5,000 fixture lumens, IP69K certification for water ingress protection, temporary rear submersion (with rear enclosure accessory), and an upgradeable internal light cartridge (to E6 or E7), the E3 is truly versatile.

Benefiting from our advanced underwater optics, the E3 produces an unrivalled lighting effect with a fraction of the power larger lights need to produce the same results. The XFM design offers an ultra-low profile outer face, perfect for those looking for a flush fitting.

Available in Midnight Blue, Ultra White, Dual Blue/White and Full Colour RGBW.

Advanced Optics

Advanced Optics

The Explore E3 Colours DMX light benefits from our signature underwater optics, specifically designed by our in-house team of expert engineers to supercharge a light’s performance. With advanced light angling technology, our optics focus the light to create a blade effect, that cuts through the water in a way no other underwater light brand can match. The result is a light that uses far less power than its counterparts, whilst creating a superior effect.

Technologically Advanced and Super Efficient

The mix of optic / electronics / form factor / built in driver / plug and play work together to make the most advanced underwater light series available in the market.

Technologically Advanced and Super Efficient

IP69k Protection

The Explore E3 Colours DMX light has been rigorously tested to IP69K, the highest protection standard available for water ingress, to ensure your complete peace of mind. The forged marine-grade aluminum bronze housing and specialist toughed colourless glass, provide an extremely tough outer surface. The addition of twin seals means the Explore E3 Colours DMX is one of the most robust and long-lasting underwater lights available anywhere.

Reduced Installation Time

Reduced Installation Time

All aspects of the design including the clamping kit make installation quicker and simpler.

The compact size and built in driver mean less space is required inside the vessel, allowing installation in tight areas.

Superior Protection

The Explore Series Rear Enclosure Kit fits neatly to the rear of the Explore XFM E3, E6 or E7 and provides protection from temporary submersion inside the hull. As well as a great choice for new installations, it can also be easily retrofitted to any existing Explore XFM installation.

The Explore XFM Rear Enclosure gives customers total peace of mind when choosing the best possible solution for their yacht.

Superior Protection. Total Peace of Mind.

Control your lights

Control your lights

Control your Explore E3 lights via the 3rd party switch or push button of your choice.

Consult the installation manual for more information

benefit beam

A true wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light.


The compact size and built in driver mean less space is required inside the vessel, allowing installation in tight areas.


Exceptionally bright, randomised strobing of the light is proven to attract more bait and catch more fish.

Explore XFM E3


  • 90° Top Beam 90° Top Beam
  • Up to 5,000 Fixture Lumens* Up to 5,000 Fixture Lumens*
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Rectangular Beam Rectangular Beam
  • Advanced, new generation optics.
  • Compact design and built in driver.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Simple toggle control.
  • Fish strobe mode.
  • Ultra low profile outer bezel.
  • Same light output as Sport Series.
  • IP68 + IP69k Certified
  • Optional Rear Enclosure Kit

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue
  • Midnight Blue / Ultra White
  • Multi-Colour
  • Ultra White

SKU / Description

SKU Description
E3009W Explore XFM E3 Ultra White
E3009B Explore XFM E3 Midnight Blue
E3009BW Explore XFM E3 Dual White/Blue
E3009CD Explore XFM E3 Colours DMX


Fixture Lumens (Single Colour) 5,000*
Fixture Lumens (Dual Colour) 3,500*
Fixture Lumens (Colours DMX) 3,000*
IP Rating IP69k Certified
Min-Max Operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Current / Amp draw Single Colour (12V DC / 24V DC) 5.5A / 2.4A
Current / Amp draw Dual Colour (12V DC / 24V DC) 3.6A / 1.7A
Current / Amp draw Colour Scroll (12V DC / 24V DC) 5.5A / 2.4A
Min-Max Operating voltage AC (Optional) 100V - 240V AC
Current / Amp draw Single Colour (110V AC / 230V AC) 620mA / 290mA
Current / Amp draw Dual Colour (110V AC / 230V AC) 430mA / 210mA
Current / Amp draw Colour Scroll (110V AC / 230V AC) 620mA / 290mA
Driver type Internal
* Fixture Lumens rating is a measurement of total white light output from a complete (as sold) light fixture using laboratory standard, calibrated photometric measuring equipment.

Mounting Recommendations

Boat size 0-30m
Transom / Hull spacing 0.5-1.2m (2-4’)
Installation depth below waterline 25-30cm (10-12”)


Total weight 1.2kg (2.65lbs)
Total Diameter (Including Flange) 105mm (4.13”)
Diameter Of Body 80mm (3.15”)
Profile Of Fixture 4mm (0.16”)
Length 97mm (3..8”)
Minimum Space Required Inside The Hull 170mm (6.55”)
Hole Cut-Out 83mm (3.25”)
Material (Mounting Tube) AB2 Aluminium Bronze
Material (Light Body) Aluminium


4 Way V DC Power Junction Box 019901
Explore AC Power Kit 019904
Delrin Sleeve 001-500638
Mounting Tube Extension Kit 019905
Explore XFM Rear Enclosure Kit 019911

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