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Before you even look at underwater lighting from any other company, take a look at the benchmark – what makes OceanLED stand out from the crowd.

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Design Process

When bringing a new product to market, OceanLED always develops from initial concept, listening to the requirements of our customers. Every OceanLED product line is bespoke, with precision in-house electronic, thermal and mechanical design. Custom optics are developed across all our ranges for each of the different class and size of vessels.


Custom firmware
EMC compliance
Thermal management
Optimised power efficiency


Aesthetics and functionality
Thermal simulations
Corrosion resistance
Certified marine approvals


Advanced precision beam control
Optimal light penetration
Reduced light loss
Unique optical design


All OceanLED lights are design specifically for purpose and therefore ‘Maximum efficiency’ and ‘Product life cycles’ are considered paramount right from the early concept stages through to final production techniques. All products are designed with large safety tolerances built in for both heat allowances and electrical loading so they work well within their limits.

Smart Light DNA

Design Phases

Customer requirements drives the initial need to enter into a new design concept. OceanLED have an experienced team of engineers and designers on-hand to develop a concept through to reality using the latest advancements in technologies.

Phase 1

• Preliminary optical design simulation
• Feasibility study
• Initial concept design
• Concept design refinement

Phase 2

• Prototyping
• Optical verification
• Initial mechanical and thermal testing
• Preliminary design refinements

Phase 3

• Certification and approval
• Launch and large scale manufacturing

Vibrant Colour

OceanLED Colours utilize the very latest 4-channel RGBW High Definition LEDs. Controlled via DMX-512 through the vessel’s on-board systems, or wirelessly via third party devices such as an iPad, iPhone or Android,

Colours allows you to pre-program dynamic colour scenes to set the mood, enhance an on-board event or strobe to attract fish.

With the OceanDMX App for Android and iOS, you have all the control and customisation you need to create any scene or light display you wish, with full control over sensitivity, speed and brightness.

Choose between standard static, cycle or strobe modes. Alternatively, use audio or wave modes to control the colour scheme of your choice.

Thermal Protection

In the event of overheating, the thermal protection turns off the power to avoid any damage until the unit has cooled.

Active Thermal Control

ATC prevents overheating. In the event of overheating the ATC system will reduce the LED
power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in
extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely.

Reliable LEDs

OceanLED only sources high quality LEDs from the worlds top manufactures such as CREE and Osram.


Bespoke Superyacht Solutions

OceanLED have dedicated in-house engineering teams ready to support a superyacht project. With our full design facilities, we can follow a project from inception to launch. We can tailor all aspects of your requirements ensuring the best possible solution engineered to the highest fully certified quality and delivering the most powerful visual effect.

Light. Years Ahead.

OceanLED are recognised as the leaders in the marine lighting industry and have a heritage that is trusted by boat owners worldwide. We not only understand what the marine environment demands in terms of performance and quality, but we understand the importance of creating unique solutions for the marine industry.

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