General questions relating to OceanLED, choice of lighting and technology.

Why LED?

Well-designed and correctly specified LED lights last longer than any other current lighting solutions, require minimal power, output minimal heat and are more resilient to humidity, vibration and other aspects of a marine environment.

Who is OceanLED?

OceanLED is by far the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world.

The UK-based company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day, changing how boat owners light up the night.

How many lights and what size/series is appropriate for my boat

OceanLED offers a range of products to suit all boat types and sizes from small fishing boats to megayachts.

What are the most important factors when choosing an underwater light

The most important factor should always be what the light looks like underwater and whether the light can achieve your desired effect and control.

OceanLED's optics are bespoke and are designed to direct light to achieve more penetration through water. OceanLED offers lights with a variety of beam shapes and surface angles, allowing our customers to create the lighting they want.

OceanLED lights are designed to use less power, maintain much longer life spans and with far better colour retention and clarity.

Can I run with my underwater lights on?

Absolutely, LEDs are a solid state light source, and therefore are not vulnerable to vibration related failures. OceanLED lights are fitted with thermal protection, so if the light overheats it will dim or turn itself off as a precaution until the temperature has reduced to a safe level for the LEDs to be in use.

What is the best colour for underwater lighting?

Blue and green light have shorter wavelengths than white light, and can penetrate through the water more efficiently, giving a better lighting effect. The human eye is more sensitive to shades of blue and green, so these colours will make your lighting display stand out.

However, if you do your boating in crystal clear waters we recommend white, as this enhances the natural beauty. OceanLED's ultra white LEDs are whiter than any other underwater light on the market so when you want a white light, at 6500k colour temperature providing a stunning display.

Choose OceanLED Colours LED lights for the optimum choice and flexibility.

What is the light beam length? How far will the lights project underwater?

There are a number of factors affecting how far the lights will penetrate the water. These are:

1. Beam angle and shape, goverened by the use of optics.
2. Brightness and number of LEDs.
3. Colour of light.
4. Clarity of the water.

In dirty water we have seen light reach as little as 3' / 1 meter but in perfect conditions the same lights reach out beyond 100' / 30 meters.

How hot do the lights get?

The running temperature of any light from OceanLED is designed to remain within 40 - 70 degrees centigrade (104 - 160 degrees Fahrenheit), depending on the specific type of light and the ambient conditions.

What voltage do the OceanLED fixtures run on?

View our product pages for specific detail on each light voltage.

What is Tritonium Optical Technology?

Tritonium Optical Technology is a unique coating that forms a non-stick layer making it virtually impossible for marine growth to stick to the lens and making OceanLED lights easy to clean.

Does switching on and off OceanLED lights shorten the LED life?

No, you can turn the lights on and off with absolutely no effect on the LEDs.

What is the light output of OceanLED lights?

Please refer to our product pages for specifications on each light.

Why do you use Aluminium Bronze for the housing on some of the underwater lights?

Aluminium bronze is commonly used in marine applications, has great resilience to salt water corrosion as well as having great thermal characteristics to help maintain low operating temperatures within the light body.

Where can I purchase OceanLED lights?

Check our Dealer Locator on this site for a dealer in your area.

Are AC units brighter than DC units?

No, OceanLED drivers maintain a constant power to the LEDs and therefore the input voltage makes no difference to the brightness of the LEDs

Do all OceanLED lights require an external driver?

No, our surface mount models have inbuilt drivers. Use the product filters on our product pages to help you choose your lighting models.

Which beam angle should I choose for my lighting display?

The narrow beam angle is for a more precise beam of light, penetrating further into the water.

Wide beams are for a halo or consistent glow of light around the boat.

The choice is yours, depending on the lighting effect you are looking to achieve.

Installation & Maintenance

Questions relating to the installation or maintenance of OceanLED lighting.

How do I clean my lenses?

All OceanLED lights are treated with the unique Tritonium coating. This forms a non-stick layer making it virtually impossible for marine growth to stick to the lens. If you find it does however, it is very easy to clean. When in the water a soft bristle brush should do the trick. When out of the water then make sure the lens is soaked with water and then using an ice scraper or something similar.

What happens if OceanLED lights overheat?

OceanLED lights are thermally protected and will dim or turn off when above the normal temperature range. Once the unit has cooled down to a safe level for the lights to operate the light will turn back on.

Does the installation kit include a fuse?

Yes, all OceanLED lights include inline fuse kits which we recommend are installed with every light.

How easy is the installation?

OceanLED lights are designed in-house with ease of installation in mind. Please refer to the installation manual for each of our products.

What is the recommended installation depth for underwater lights?

OceanLED recommends an optimum depth of 200-250mm (8-10") to the top of the fixture.

Should the underwater lights be bottom painted with anti – foul paint? And should I bond them?

It is highly recommended that lights with metal housings are painted with anti-foul products where they are exposed to the water.

A bonding point is available on all OceanLED lights that require bonding.

Lights with polymer bodies such as the X-Series range do not require anti-fouling or bonding.

Please refer to the installation manual for each product for more detail.

Do I have to drill a hole in my hull to install OceanLED lights?

All OceanLED lights require you to drill a hole in the hull, ranging from 3/8" (9.5mm) - 4 1/2" (114mm)

How do I wire my OceanLED lights?

All of our products have a detailed instruction manual, which covers the wiring installation of the lights.

What kind of switch should I buy?

Most OceanLED products will work with a basic 2 way switch that can be purchased at your local marine dealer. In some cases you might already have a 2 way switch that is open/empty on your console that you can use with out purchasing a new one. OceanLED always recommends that you consult a professional marine installer when you are installing your underwater lights.

Can I install OceanLED lights on the trim tabs of my boat?

OceanLED does not recommend the installation of our lights on the trim tabs of your vessel.

I have a metal hull but don't want to use a weld-in model. What can I use?

Both the Thru Hull and Flush Mount models are available with delrin isolating sleeves to separate the dissimilar metals, therefore allowing fitting into a metal hull. See our product accessories for further details.

Can I extend the cabling between the light and the driver?

OceanLED offers extension cables for pro series thru hull and xfm models, as well as superyacht models.

It is possible to centrally locate all electronic drivers in one location and run the lights up to 50 meters away. For custom installations we provide cable drum to allow you to lay bespoke cable runs in any length.

We also offer driver cabinets which centrally locate several electronic drivers in one location for superyachts, and we offer a custom made junction box allowing 1 feed to power up to 4 separate lights, reducing installation times.

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