OceanLED is the UK-based company that started the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day changing how boat owners light up the night.

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March 2004

Ocean-Led Ltd was founded in the year 2004 as a Private Limited Company.

January 2005

OceanLED releases the first of its Thru-hull range of underwater LED lights.

October 2008

OceanLED introduce the new Amphibian range of underwater LED lighting with the A6 and A12 models.

October 2009

OceanLED release the new and brighter Pro version of its popular Amphibian range of underwater LED lighting.

October 2010

OceanLED introduce the new Hybrid range of surface mount underwater LED lighting.

November 2010

OceanLED introduce the first of its HD range of Pro Series Thru Hull lights.

October 2012

OceanLED add the Xchangeable Flush Mount (XFM). Offering customers the option of upgrading/maintenance without hauling the vessel.

October 2013

OceanLED introduce the Xtreme and Xtreme Pro versions of its popular Amphibian range.

November 2013

OceanLED upgrade the Pro Series HD range to Gen2, offering customers brighter and more efficient LEDs

January 2015

The Amphibian Xtreme product line is superseded by the Xtreme Series, with improved output and features.

New Offices USA

OceanLED moves its US facility to new offices in Deerfield Beach, Miami.

June 2015

OceanLED introduce the M6 Mast light for use above water on rigging.

February 2016

OceanLED add DMX capability to its Xtreme Colours line, giving customers control via a smartphone or tablet.

July 2016

OceanLED introduce a HD version of the Popular Eyes Ocean Camera.

September 2016

OceanLED introduce the S3116s, the first of the new Sport Series of underwater LED Surface Mount lights.

November 2016

OceanLED adds the S3124s Dual Colour LED light to the Sport Series.

November 2016

OceanLED introduce the M-Series range of weld-in LED underwater lights for the superyacht market.

January 2017

OceanLED introduce the updated X-Series range of LED lighting for above and below the water.

June 2017

OceanLED add a DockLight range of underwater LED lights to the Sport Series.

November 2017

OceanLED introduce the S3166s Sport Series Multi-Colour with 66 RGBW LEDs.

November 2018

OceanLED introduces the new Explore Underwater LED light Series.

November 2019

OceanLED introduces the E8 Weld-in to the Explore Series.

April 2021

OceanLED unveil the Explore E9 Weld-in with newly developed patented connection technology.

May 2021

OceanLED announce industry-first IP69k IP rating for the Explore XFM Series.

June 2021

OceanLED introduce another industry first, Explore XFM Series rear enclosure for temporary submersion inside the boat.

June 2021

OceanLED add IP69k Certification for its Explore Weld-in E8 & E9, the first industry weldin solution to do so.

September 2021

OceanLED released OceanDMX RC Remote Control System that allows you to remotely control the RGBW colour or dual colour LED lighting system installed on your boat.

November 2021

OceanLED launched the new Explore E2 underwater LED Light, our first XFM light to have 2 beam options, wide or narrow. The E2 comes with IP69k protection as well as in-hull temporary submersion protection.

March 2022

OceanLED unveiled the new Discover D3 with a compact size that makes it ideal for tight-fitting areas or smaller boats.

August 2022

OceanLED received verified sustainable status for the Explore Superyacht E8 and E9 lighting solution.

With projects at the world's most prestigious boat yards and boat builders along with a global dealer network OceanLED’s advanced technical achievements, industry recognition and constant pursuit of excellence in the field of underwater lighting continue to inspire it’s customers.

OceanLED has a highly-skilled team constantly developing advanced, unique new products all designed and produced in-house.

The current product line serves a multitude of uses on board for all sizes of boats; from 3 meter RIBs to the largest of superyachts.

Light. Years Ahead.

Three words that express the very essence of OceanLED. Light. Years Ahead. Not just a slogan, it’s our way of seeing the world. It is the driving force behind our history of innovation that continues to drive the company forward. Indeed, many technologies that OceanLED has pioneered are still found in our lights today, some of which remain as milestones in the history of marine lighting.

With a heritage in marine lighting dating back to 1991, we not only understand what the marine environment demands in terms of performance and quality, but we understand the importance of creating unique solutions for the Marine industry.

Light. Years Ahead. It’s who we are.

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