The Explore E9 brings to market an innovative evolution.

The E9, alongside the E8 now completes the Explore Weld-In range for superyachts, allowing for an uninterrupted halo of light.

Verified Sustainable Solution

Verified Sustainable Solution

OceanLED’s Explore E8 & E9 are the first underwater lights in the World to achieve Sustainable Verification from Water Revolution Foundation.

The Explore Weld-In range has been designed in-house with the tenet of maximum output and effect for minimal use of energy. Due to its optimised design and extreme attention to reduce its impact on our planet, the Explore Weld-In is a significantly superior and ocean-friendly product.

The Unique Patented Installation Technology

The Unique Patented Installation Technology allows for in-water connection and removal, as well as installation in the hull areas usually inaccessible, for example tanks and void spaces such as the bulbous bow.

The Unique Patented Installation Technology
Benefits of Explore E9 angled optics

Benefits of Explore E9 angled optics

The Explore E8 & E9 angle the beam up to 50°, while housed in a 0° cofferdam, using highly efficient reflector optics which produce the best possible uniform lighting effect.

When viewed from above and spaced effectively, the clearly defined 90˚ angle of the beam delivers a halo effect around the yacht with minimal dark space near the hull.

A new generation of innovative, efficient reflector optics

Hull angling is achieved using highly efficient and innovative reflector optics inside the light.  As such, bespoke angled cofferdams are no longer required, and degree angle variants of 0˚ to 50˚ are instead achieved by the light’s own unique optical system.

A new generation of innovative, efficient reflector optics
Project Management to Commissioning

Project Management to Commissioning

  • Our experienced Custom Project Management team will work with you from initial concept through to system commissioning.
  • We will work closely with your team to understand and overcome the challenges presented throughout the build process.
  • Delivering a tailored underwater lighting system; achieving the client’s desired lighting effect.
  • OceanLED will work with you to deliver in line with your build schedule; keeping you informed of progress throughout.
  • Should you require it, OceanLED offers a commissioning service for complete peace of mind.

IP69k Protection

As part of our continuous strive for delivering the highest quality products to our customers, the Explore Weld-in Series is now certified to the highest achievable rating of protection against water ingress, also known as IP69k.

IP69k goes one step further than the industry standard IP68, the rating for continuous immersion in water. IP69k gives our customers total peace of mind when choosing the best possible solution for their superyacht.

Superior Protection.
Total Peace of Mind.

IP69k Protection

In-water connection and removal


A true wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light


Up to 50˚ angle to match the shape of the hull

Explore E9


  • 90° Top Beam 90° Top Beam
  • Up to 13,000 Fixture Lumens Up to 13,000 Fixture Lumens
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Rectangular Beam Rectangular Beam
  • 10° to 50° Angle Options 10° to 50° Angle Options
  • In-water connection and removal
  • Unique Patented Installation Technology
  • IP69k Certified
  • Significantly smaller 0° cofferdam
  • Integration via DMX into the yacht's existing system

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue / Ultra White
  • Multi-Colour

Please request a quote for bespoke Superyacht pricing.

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