The Explore E8 is a technologically advanced, light for metal-hulled superyachts. The mix of optics, electronics, form factor and internal driver work together to make one of the most advanced underwater lights on the market.

A new generation of innovative, efficient reflector optics

A new generation of innovative, efficient reflector optics

Hull angling is achieved using highly efficient and innovative reflector optics inside the light.  As such, bespoke-angled cofferdams are no longer required, and degree angle variants of 0˚ to 50˚ are instead achieved by the light’s own unique optical system.

Lighting Effect

E8’s focused and angled beam produces a defined blade of light that penetrates the water parallel to the surface, illuminating a more significant area with minimal light loss and maximum spread into the water.

Lighting Effect
Defined 90° Beam

Defined 90° Beam

When viewed from above and spaced effectively, the clearly defined 90˚ angle of the beam delivers a halo effect around the yacht with minimal dark space near the hull.

Personalised Service

OceanLED has an in house dedicated customer service, sales and engineering team on hand to support our Superyacht clients in various stages of the build. With 2D and parametric 3D CAD facilities, OceanLED will follow projects from inception through to launch to ensure the best possible solution.

Personalised Service


The Explore Weld-in range has been designed in-house with the tenet of maximum output and effect for minimal use of energy. Due to its optimised design and extreme attention to reduce its impact on our planet, the Explore Weld-in is a significantly superior and ocean friendly product.


Up to 50˚ angle to match the shape of the hull.


A true wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light.


Small form factor allows for easier placement and installation in the hull.

Explore E8


  • 90° Top Beam 90° Top Beam
  • Up to 13,000 Fixture Lumens Up to 13,000 Fixture Lumens
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Rectangular Beam Rectangular Beam
  • 10° to 50° Angle Options 10° to 50° Angle Options
  • Compact design and built in driver.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Significantly smaller 0° cofferdam.
  • Rear Cofferdam Available for situating in a tank.
  • Integration via DMX into the yacht's existing system.

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue / Ultra White
  • Multi-Colour

Please request a quote for bespoke Superyacht pricing.

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