OceanLED M3118w is a high performance, lightweight Colours LED underwater light for the Superyacht market.

The M3118w is a perfect choice for new build or retrofit projects and outputs up to a truly impressive 8400 lumens. The RGBW LEDs can be controlled using smartphones or tablets via WiFi.

The M Series benefits from bespoke optics that control the output of light into an elliptical beam, giving a much more defined spread and penetration through the water than most other underwater LED lights.



3 cofferdams (0°, 5°-30°, 35°-50°) make it simple to specify. Optional rear cofferdam for fitting in a tank. Rear cofferdam fully encloses the light body ensuring no galvanic corrosion.

Pick a colour. Any Colour

OceanLED Colours Superyacht underwater lights provide the ability to create any desired colour scene for your yacht.

Choose from a limitless colour palette to best suit the yachts ambience and maximise the lighting effect in varying water conditions, or enhance a party theme/atmosphere or simply change the colour for fun!



  • 60° Top Beam 60° Top Beam
  • Up to 8400 Fixture Lumens Up to 8400 Fixture Lumens
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Elliptical Beam Elliptical Beam
  • High performance, lightweight underwater LED light
  • RGBW LEDs controlled using smartphones or tablets via WiFi
  • Wider Diffused Beam Option
  • 3 cofferdams (0°, 5°-30°, 35°-50°) make it simple to specify
  • Mix and Match with the F, L & V-Series giving superior flexibility when specifying a yacht
  • Adaptors allow M3118w to be fitted to most retrofit builds where old HID are fitted

Colours Available

  • Multi-Colour

Please request a quote for bespoke Superyacht pricing.


Fixture Lumens Up to 14,000
Lumens Up to 24,500
Beam angle 60˚ or 140˚
Optics Linear
No of LEDs 18
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC 90-270V AC
System Current Draw 2.5A 110V / 1.1A 240V
Type Approvals Lloyds / ABS Pending

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