Trusted by yacht builders worldwide, the F-Series is the ultimate in underwater lighting design and technology. The lights are designed and manufactured to the highest standard and have no movable parts that could be subject to vibration and are solid state.

Power options are available as individual AC drivers and AC cabinets whereby all the electronics can be centrally located and can run 3 to 6 lights per cabinet.



Unlike other lights which do not control light output leading to loss of light and “hot spots”, our collimator controls the beam so light is only directed straight out into the direction needed, minimising light loss and maximising power efficiency.

Hull Angling

F-Series lights and cofferdams can be angled up to 50° to compensate for the hull form.

For angles greater than 25°, typically up to 50°, a combination of cofferdam and light engine angling is used to make for the best solution. For example a 30° hull counter angle is best achieved with 5° in the cofferdam and 25° in the light engine.

Hull Angling
DMX Control

DMX Control

The F-Series Colours can be controlled with OceanLED lighting controllers or by integrating into the yachts existing system, such as a Crestron or Lutron system. The colour palette and other functions can be accessed through any on board touch panel or controlled via 3rd party devices such as a smartphone or tablet via wifi.

Limitless Colour Choices

Choose from a limitless colour palette to best suit the yachts ambience and maximise the lighting effect in varying water conditions. Enhance a party theme/atmosphere by changing the lighting to music.



  • 60° Top Beam 60° Top Beam
  • Up to 8400 Fixture Lumens Up to 8400 Fixture Lumens
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Elliptical Beam Elliptical Beam
  • DMX Lighting Control
  • 90-270V AC input power
  • Wider Diffused Beam Option
  • Internal Hull Counter Angling 0˚ to 50˚
  • Mix and match with L, F and M Series ranges

Colours Available

  • Multi-Colour

Please request a quote for bespoke Superyacht pricing.


Min / max operating voltage 90 - 270
Power consumption 275 watts
Current / Amp Draw 110V AC 2.5A / 230v AC 1.1A
3 Driver Cabinet 110V AC 6.2A / 230V AC 3A
4 Driver Cabinet 110V AC 8.2A / 230V AC 3.9A
5 Driver Cabinet 110V AC 10.2A / 230V AC 4.9A
6 Driver Cabinet 110V AC 12.2A 230V AC 5.8A
Max light power (Per light) 250 watts


Driver type External
Cabinet type External
Driver IP Rating IP66
Cabinet IP Rating IP44
DMX Compatible Yes
Transient spike protection Yes
EMC Compliant Yes

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