With a wide choice of sizes and colours, the X-Series offers a range of mounting and colour options to help create your perfect light show and enjoy more time on the water.

Compact and simple design

Compact and simple design

Made from a chemically resistant optical polymer with a built in driver, there is a lot packed into this compact light.

IP69k Protection

As part of our continuous strive for delivering the highest quality products to our customers, the X-Series is now certified to the highest achievable rating of protection against water ingress, also known as IP69k.

IP69k goes one step further than the industry standard IP68, the rating for continuous immersion in water. IP69k gives our customers total peace of mind when choosing the best possible solution for their yacht.

Pick a colour. Any colour.

Pick a colour. Any colour.

Use X-Series Colours models for a dramatic spectacle on the move. Choose how you control your lights from the options below:

Switch / Push button:   Consult the installation manual for more information

Remote Control: OceanBridge Multizone Lighting Controller

Above water mounting

The X-Series can also be used as an exterior light for your cockpit, deck or trailer.


Fantastic for fishing or having fun with family and friends

benefit beam

60° circular beam angle allows for a variety of mounting orientations maintaining light spread


Built-in driver, ultra low power draw, no start-up current required, reverse polarity protection



  • 60° Side Beam Angle 60° Side Beam Angle
  • Up to 2300 Fixture Lumens Up to 2300 Fixture Lumens
  • 60° Top Beam Angle 60° Top Beam Angle
  • Circular Beam Circular Beam
  • IP69k Certified
  • Compact and simple design
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Fish-Strobe Mode
  • Active Thermal Control

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue
  • Multi-Colour
  • Ultra White

SKU / Description

SKU Description
012304W X8 Ultra White - White Bezel
012305B X8 Midnight Blue - White Bezel
012307C X8 Colours - White Bezel
012304W-BLK X8 Ultra White - Black Bezel
012305B-BLK X8 Midnight Blue - Black Bezel
012307C-BLK X8 Colours - Black Bezel
012304W-SS X8 Ultra White - Stainless Bezel
012305B-SS X8 Midnight Blue - Stainless Bezel
012307C-SS X8 Colours - Stainless Bezel
012304WI X8 Ultra White - White Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)
012305BI X8 Midnight Blue - White Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)
012307CI X8 Colours - White Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)
012304WI-BLK X8 Ultra White - Black Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)
012305BI-BLK X8 Midnight Blue - Black Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)
012307CI-BLK X8 Colours - Black Bezel (with Isolating Mounting Kit)


Fixture Lumens Up to 2300
IP Rating IP69k Certified
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Current / Amp draw (DC) (Amperage draw for Colours models vary by colour selected, this is the maximum) 12V DC 1.65A 24V DC 0.75A
Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality) 26’ (8m)
Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality) up to 72’ (21+m)
Driver type Internal

Mounting Recommendations

Boat size up to 50’ (15m)
Transom / Hull spacing 2-4’ (0.5-1.2m)
Transom quantity 2-4
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 4-8” (10-20cm)


Total weight 600g (1.32lbs)
Extension cable length (standard) 9.84" (3m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 0.5" (12.5mm)
Material Chemically resistant optical polymer


OceanBridge Multizone Lighting Controller 013201
DMX Junction Box (Required for 5+ OceanDMX Controlled Lights) 011702
X-Series X8 Stainless Steel Bezel 011417
X-Series X8 Black Plastic Bezel PLS-000107
4 Way V DC Power Junction Box 019901
D3 & X-Series Isolating Mounting Kit 019913

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