Exceptionally low profile head offers virtually unlimited hull mounting options, including retrofitting into most existing underwater lighting hole cut-outs, yielding immediate benefits of no startup power surge, low heat, minimal maintenance, and improved light output.

Suitable for all hull types up to and over 65’ (20m) using 2-6 lights with spacing of 3-5’ (1-1.5m) – for metal hulls, add the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory. Deutsch plug-and-play quick connectors make this light a quick fit.

Xchangeable Flush Mount

Xchangeable Flush Mount

XFM models, or Xchangeable Flush Mounts, are just that – they’re exchangeable without hauling should servicing ever be needed.


Exchangeable without hauling

benefit beam

60/20° Elliptical beam angle provides excellent water penetration


Trusted by the world's leading boat builders and professional anglers to catch fish and help bring home the trophies



  • 60° Top Beam Angle 60° Top Beam Angle
  • Up to 11,000 Fixture Lumens Up to 11,000 Fixture Lumens
  • 20° Side Beam Angle 20° Side Beam Angle
  • Elliptical Beam Elliptical Beam
  • Xchangeable from Inside the Hull
  • 114mm (4.5”) Hole
  • 12/24V DC (AC Upgrade Option)
  • Aluminium Bronze AB2 Bezel
  • Plug & Play
  • Factory Sealed Unit

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue
  • Ultra White

SKU / Description

SKU Description
001-500748 Ultra White
001-500749 Midnight Blue
001-500750 Sea Green


Lumens 19,600
Fixture Lumens 11,000
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC (AC/optional) 90-270V AC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 12V DC 8.2A / 24V DC 4.0A
Current / Amp draw (AC/optional) 110V AC 50/60HZ 0.76A / 240V AC 50/60HZ 0.35A
Driver type External

Mounting Recommendations

Boat size up to and over 65’ (20m)
Transom / Hull spacing 3-5’ (1-1.5m)
Transom quantity 2-6
Hull quantity 4+/side
Maximum hull thickness 3.5” (90mm)
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 10-12in (250-300mm)


Diameter of fixture 7.09” (180mm)
Profile (height) of fixture 0.54” (13.6mm)
Total weight including electrical driver 11.2lbs (5.1kgs)
Driver size (L x W x H) Excluding Connectors 7.09 x 3.15 x 1.97” (180 x 80 x 50mm)
Extension cable length (standard-hard wired to light) 6.5’ ( 2m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 4.5” (114mm)
Material Aluminium Bronze AB2
Lens Tritonium™ Optical Lens


Delrin Isolation Sleeve for 2010/COLOURS XFM 001-500573
Locking Nut Kit for 2010 XFM 001-500398
2m (6.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable (Gen2) 001-500753
6m (19.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable (Gen2) 001-500754
4 Way V DC Power Junction Box 001-500247
Pro Series HD Gen2 AC/Mains Power Pack 001-500755

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