OceanLED Explore E8 and E9 Sustainable Verification
August 1, 2022

OceanLED Explore E8 and E9 Sustainable Verification

OceanLED’s Explore E8 & E9 become the first and only underwater lights in the World to achieve Sustainable Verification from Water Revolution Foundation.
Global leader in underwater LED lighting has achieved independently verified accreditation as a sustainable solutions provider for underwater lighting.

OceanLED first became aware of Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) in early 2021, admiring the target of a more ecologically conscious industry. This principled and extremely important task challenges boat builders and corporate trade partners to work together towards a more harmonious relationship with our precious oceans and sea life.
We realised how much these ethics were aligned with our own, and in March 2021, OceanLED joined WRF as a corporate partner to work towards this common goal.

The WRF’s vision showed the requirement for an industry database of verified solutions that allow manufacturers to easily find solutions that reduce their environmental impact. We looked at our product portfolio to see how our lighting solutions could offer tangible sustainable alternatives to other underwater lighting solutions and decided to put the Explore E8 and E9 through the rigorous sustainability verification process with the WRF.

After many months of preparation and inspection, OceanLED is very proud to announce that the Explore E8 & E9 have now been independently verified as a more sustainable underwater lighting solution in all assessed (impact) categories compared to the average industry solution, by Water Revolution Foundation.

This was made possible by the E8 and the Patented E9, with its unique in-water connection technology, being specifically designed to maximise form factor compared to other available solutions, and the decreased required usage of power to achieve maximum water penetration and lighting effect, due to the bespoke optics developed by OceanLED. The result is an incredibly efficient underwater lighting product that meets the stringent sustainable credentials required by WRF.

This means our partners and customers can now be sure that working with OceanLED’s Explore E8 and E9 for their lighting solutions is proven scientifically to help them reduce their own carbon footprint, and other environmental impacts (acidification, general impact on the environment, air quality = human health) while actively working towards a more sustainable environment.

We are extremely proud of this achievement, and of our ethos and continuous research that allowed us to be the first and currently only manufacturer of underwater lights to realize our ambitious goal of becoming a better company overall. In today’s World, we are convinced that businesses must tangibly commit to sustainability and do whatever is in their power to help our planet stay healthy.
It has been gratifying to see how one of our core values, sustainability, has been guiding OceanLED to develop products that not only offer unrivalled performance and quality but also help our partners and customers to sustain a healthier relationship with mother earth.

“This is just the start though, and we are on a journey of continuous improvement, to understand our impact on our environment, especially the marine environment. Over the coming months, we will be talking to our existing partners and boat builders about how together, we can now collaborate with proven sustainable lighting solutions, and look at ways we can all improve on our relationship with our planet.”
Daniele Todaro – Group Managing Director OceanLED Marine.

“We very much appreciate OceanLED submitting their solutions for sustainability verification as one of the first since we initiated our Database of Sustainable Solutions. It shows how the verification helps both the manufacturer and the customer, by independently confirming the environmental credentials of these specific products. The LCA assessment not only verified E8 and E9 as more sustainable, it also gives OceanLED further insights on how to further improve. We congratulate and thank the OceanLED team.”
Robert van Tol – Executive Director Water Revolution Foundation.

More is not always better. At OceanLED, we pride ourselves on using the least amount of power to deliver striking and unparalleled lighting effects. Water Revolution Foundation have helped us to show our true nature, where innovation and sustainability can coexist together and form a winning mix for everyone.

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