OceanLED receives Armstrong Nautical Approval
July 11, 2022

OceanLED receives Armstrong Nautical Approval

OceanLED is pleased to announce today that we have gained official approval for our Discover D3 and X-Series lights to be fitted on Armstrong Nautical Outboard Brackets.

Armstrong aluminium brackets are used widely across the USA as well as other regions. They are the finest outboard mounting systems in the industry, and now for the first time, can be mounted with OceanLED lighting with the use of the new mounting kit provided by OceanLED for the D3 and X-Series Underwater LED lights.

This opens up the use of OceanLED lighting to the many boat manufacturers who use Armstrong aluminium brackets, by fitting Discover D3, or X-Series alongside the new isolating mounting kit provided by OceanLED.

Please contact OceanLED for availability and more information.


019913 – D3 & X-Series Isolating Mounting Kit

View X-Series information here

View Discover D3 information here

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