Explore E7 Receives DAME Nomination
October 30, 2019

Explore E7 Receives DAME Nomination


We’re really proud to announce our new Explore E7 Underwater Light has been nominated for a DAME innovation award at this years METSRADE Show.

Visit us to learn more:

British Pavilion Stand 03.317

Superyacht Pavilion Stand 10.705


About the Explore E7

The Explore E7 delivers a striking and complete halo effect around a hull, regardless of any variance in the hull angle around the boat. To achieve this, a unique new optic has been developed by OceanLED that projects the light at a precise angle to counter the yacht’s hull shape.

For the first time, lights offering a varying angle of up to 50˚ are available in an Xchangeable Flush Mount (XFM) form factor for yachts. The angling is achieved using highly efficient and innovative reflector optics inside a single flush mount housing with an exchangeable light cartridge.

E7’s angled beam produces a defined blade of light that penetrates the water parallel to the surface, illuminating a more significant area with minimal light loss and maximum penetration – now making effective underwater lighting available for GRP hulls, and those made from carbon fibre, with a varying hull angle that require a flush-mounted light.

E7 is the latest addition to OceanLED’s Explore range, and this compact, easy to install product builds on the technology found in the highly successful E6 range, already appreciated by customers worldwide for its quality, engineering and innovation.

When viewed from above and when spaced effectively, the clearly defined 90˚ angle of the beam delivers a halo effect around the yacht with minimal dark areas near the hull.

The combination of E7’s 11,000 Fixture Lumen output and the advanced angled optics result in an amazing in-water effect, achieving a highly desirable halo of light around the boat that accents a yacht’s exterior lines and imposing position in the water, without any loss of beam definition.
The Explore E7 XFM combines technologically advanced, super-efficient light performance through innovative optics, form factor and an internal driver to make it one the most advanced underwater lights available for GRP and carbon fibre hulls.

The E7 can be easily controlled by switch scroll functionality or through our OceanDMX system, operated via smartphone or tablet. It can also be seamlessly integrated into a yacht’s existing control system.

The Explore E7 comes in a choice of Dual Ultra White / Midnight Blue or RGBW Colours DMX. As with all OceanLED Explore products, which do not simply halve the output of the single colour versions, as with the E6 the Dual Colour version of E7 packs the same punch as a Single Colour version, offering the same lumen output per colour selected, delivered through its highly efficient optical system.

“The E7 is entirely unique, highly efficient and has been designed by our dedicated and experienced in-house engineering team. We are delighted to have our work recognised by DAME. The E7 builds on our significant research and development of reflector optics, and now takes this advanced technology a step further. The E7 embodies OceanLED’s reputation for high standards, exceptional innovation and the quality of engineering that customers have come to expect from us.” – Charles Stuart, Managing Director, OceanLED

“OceanLED prides itself on being the market leader for detailed and innovative product development. Producing a unique optical system to work precisely in the refracting medium of water is a challenging area that we have invested in heavily as a specialist area of optical engineering.” – Daniele Todaro, Director of Engineering, OceanLED

The Explore E7 is available now!
Visit the OceanLED stand at METSRADE (November 19th – 22nd) for more details and discover our full product range.

Learn more about the Explore E7 here – https://oceanled.com/below-water/explore-e7/

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