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Explore E7 is the latest addition to OceanLED’s Explore range. This compact, easy to install product builds on the technology found in the highly successful E6 range and offers a unique new optical system.

The Explore E7 packs a powerful 11,000* fixture lumens into a low profile, Xchangeable Flush Mount body with Dual Blue/White and RGBW light options.

First optically angled underwater light for GRP Boats

First optically angled underwater light for GRP Boats

E7’s angled beam produces a defined blade of light that penetrates the water parallel to the surface, illuminating a more significant area with minimal light loss and maximum penetration, providing effective underwater XFM lighting for yachts with a varying hull angle that require a flush-mounted light.

The E7 is the first underwater light that offers up to a 50˚ angle using reflectors, inside a single 0˚ XFM housing for sloping hulls on GRP yachts and boats.

Superior light distribution due to advanced, innovative new optics

The Explore E7 comes in a choice of Dual Ultra White / Midnight Blue or RGBW Colours DMX.

The combination of E7’s 11,000 Fixture Lumen output and the advanced angled optics result in an amazing in-water effect, achieving a highly desirable halo of light around the boat that accents a yacht’s exterior lines and imposing position in the water, without any loss of beam definition.

The defined, 90˚ angle of the beam from above (looking down), delivers a halo effect around the yacht with minimal dark space near the hull when spaced effectively around the yacht.

Superior light distribution due to advanced, innovative new optics
Choice of Controllers

Choice of Controllers

The OceanLED Explore E6 has a variety of ways you can control the lights such as switching colours, selecting Strobe Mode or Dynamic Audio Mode.

• Toggle between colours and modes with a simple switch, using the Control Input Kit.

• DMX is an intelligent lighting system that allows the user to select colours, modes and light effects.

• OceanDMX Controller Kit (Smartphone or Tablet control).
• DMX Touch Controller Kit
• DMX WiFi Touch Controller Kit

Reduced Installation Time

All aspects of the design including the clamping kit make installation quicker and simpler.

The compact size and built in driver mean less space is required inside the vessel, allowing installation in tight areas.

Reduced Installation Time

Up to 50˚ projection angle to match the shape of the hull.

benefit beam

A wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light.


Internal driver removes the need to install cabinets

Explore E7


  • 90° Top Beam 90° Top Beam
  • Up to 11,000 Fixture Lumens* Up to 11,000 Fixture Lumens*
  • 20° Side Beam 20° Side Beam
  • Rectangular Beam Rectangular Beam
  • 10° to 50° Angle Options 10° to 50° Angle Options
  • Compact design and built in driver.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Simple toggle control.
  • Fish strobe mode.
  • Ultra low profile outer bezel.
  • Control by switch or by DMX.

Colours Available

  • Midnight Blue / Ultra White
  • Multi-Colour

SKU / Description

SKU Description
E7019BW Explore E7 Dual Blue / White XFM 10°
E7029BW Explore E7 Dual Blue / White XFM 20°
E7039BW Explore E7 Dual Blue / White XFM 30°
E7049BW Explore E7 Dual Blue / White XFM 40°
E7059BW Explore E7 Dual Blue / White XFM 50°
E7019CD Explore E7 Colours XFM 10°
E7029CD Explore E7 Colours XFM 20°
E7039CD Explore E7 Colours XFM 30°
E7049CD Explore E7 Colours XFM 40°
E7059CD Explore E7 Colours XFM 50°

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