Introducing the new OceanLED Sport S3116s
September 6, 2016

Introducing the new OceanLED Sport S3116s

September 19, OceanLED, the global leader in marine LED lighting, today introduced its new Sport Series, with the debut of the Sport S3116s, engineered specifically for sport fishing and active cruising. The advanced, underwater LED Sport S3116s light packs a powerful 9,840 lumens punch in a stylish Ultra White or Midnight Blue light option.

Ideal for small to medium-sized boats, OceanLED’s Sport S3116s is a compact unit built from corrosion resistant aluminium bronze with an overall diameter of 100mm. It is simple to install and easy to keep clean. Whether it’s cruising the Mediterranean or bone fishing off the Keys, the Sport S3116s is the perfect light to illuminate the water around and under the boat.

“OceanLED has utilised its highest-quality, optical technology for the new Sport S3116s,” said Charles Stuart, Managing Director of OceanLED. “As a company we have, and continue to invest in our optics and this is what sets us apart in the industry. The Sport S3116s leverages our years of research and development and means we can deliver another ‘Best-In-Class’ product that outshines everyone else.”

From above the 90˚ beam angle gives a wide spread, illuminating more of the water around the boat. Below the water the focused 20˚side-beam allows the light to penetrate much further with no surface or deep water loss. This focused beam, along with the 5,000 fixture lumens mean the Sport S3116s is over 20% brighter than the other lights in its class and lights more of the water around the boat.

The OceanLED Sport S3116s can also switch on to “fish-strobe” mode, emitting a random strobe pattern that is proven to attract extra bait-fish and helps to catch more fish.

The new OceanLED Sport 3116s will be available in November priced £375 inc VAT or $499 in the US.

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