Allure XFM features an exceptionally low profile giving it virtually unlimited hull mounting options and can be retrofitted into most existing underwater lighting hole cut-outs, offering immediate benefits of no startup power surge, low heat, minimal maintenance and improved light output.

The new Allure 150/250XFM Gen2 mk2.2 series come with an improved locking ring, similar to the larger 2010/3010 models. This eases access when upgrading or maintenance is required.

Pick A Colour. Any colour

OceanLED Colours underwater lights provide the ability to create any desired colour scene for your yacht.

Choose from a limitless colour palette to best suit the yachts ambience and maximise the lighting effect in varying water conditions, or enhance a party theme/atmosphere or simply change the colour for fun!

Xchangeable Flush Mount

XFM models, or Xchangeable Flush Mounts, are just that – they’re exchangeable without hauling should servicing ever be needed.

Xchangeable Flush Mount

Exchangeable without hauling


Use with OceanDMX to create your perfect light show


Trusted by the world's leading boat builders and professional anglers to catch fish and help bring home the trophies



  • 36° Primary Beam 36° Primary Beam
  • Up to 6500 Fixture Lumens Up to 6500 Fixture Lumens
  • 110° Secondary Diffused Beam 110° Secondary Diffused Beam
  • Circular Beam Circular Beam
  • Use with OceanDMX
  • NEW Improved locking ring for easy removal
  • Xchangeable from Inside the Hull
  • 82.6mm (3.25”) Hole
  • Aluminium Bronze AB2 Bezel/ Hard Anodized Aluminium Body
  • Plug & Play
  • Factory Sealed Unit

Colours Available

  • Multi-Colour

SKU / Description

SKU Description
010241C Allure XFM Colours Gen2 mk2.2 24v DC
010242C Allure XFM Colours Gen2 mk2.2 AC
Previous Versions
010227C Allure XFM Colours Gen2 mk2 24v DC
010227C Allure XFM Colours Gen2 mk2 AC


Lumens 9900
Fixture Lumens 6500
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 19-36V DC
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC (AC/only) 90-270V AC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 24V DC 5A
Current / Amp draw (AC) 110V AC 50/60HZ 1.4A 240V AC 50/60HZ 0.7A
Driver type External

Mounting Recommendations

Transom / Hull spacing 1-1.8m (3-6’)
Transom quantity 4+
Hull quantity 4+/side
Maximum hull thickness 94mm (3.69”)
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 10-20cm (4-8”)


Diameter of fixture 105mm (4.13”)
Profile (height) of fixture 4mm (0.16”)
Total weight including electrical driver 8.25kg
Extension cable length (standard-hard wired to light) 2m (6.56’)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 80mm (3.15”)
Hole cut-out with Delrin Sleeve 89mm (3.5”)
Mounting Tube Material Aluminium Bronze AB2
Light Cartridge Anodised Aluminium
Lens Tritonium™ Optical Lens


2m (6.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable 001-500753
6m (19.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable 001-500754
Delrin Isolation Sleeve for 150XFM / 250XFM 001-500638
4 Way V DC Power Junction Box 019901
OceanDMX Pro Series HD App Controller Kit 011705
DMX Touch Panel Controller (includes 1 Terminator Kit) 001-500596
DMX Wifi Touch Panel Controller (includes 1 Terminator Kit) 001-500598

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